Les Restos du Coeur advertising campaign

As a part of our graphic design course, we had to create a poste for the new Restos du Coeur campaign.


Project summary


Graphic designer


Les Restos Du Coeur


Create an advertising poster using handmae techniques and targeting a student audience.

Our campaign is aimed to show that the scope of the non-profit organisation is beyond food aid. The main constraint was use the tagline "Parce qu'un repas ne suffit pas" (Because of meal isn't enough). Finally, people tend to distrust non-profit organisation because they don't know where their money is going, so we had to be clear and inspire faith, mostly because we were targeting a young audience that isn't used to giving money away to charity.

Restos du Coeur

We used the well-known user interface of Tinder to show that homeless people were people juste like us and that appearances can be deceptive. The poster whose motto is "Give an helping hand" is urging us to send a quick text to 9 24 24, giving away 5€ to Les Restos du Coeur.

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