La Brigade website redesign

As a part of our pedagogical project, we have the opportunity to work with La Brigade behaving as an agency. Personally, we have to design and code the new website of La Brigade, a school bus transformed into an itinerant hostel taking travellers through Canada and the United States.


Project summary


Project Manager, UX/UI Designer


Benoît Lafond, Co-Founder of La Brigade


Design and code a mobile-first website clearly showcasing the concept and product of La Brigade, giving the possibility to book a trip and pay online.


I'm currently working on this project, which is planned to end on June 27.

We decided to design and code mobile-first style, taking into account the young target audience. Below is the mobile home page.

Home mobile

Home page of the website, desktop version.

Home desktop

Trip page of the website, mobile version.

Voyage mobile

Trip page of the website, desktop version.

Voyage desktop

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The web designs above may evolve in the coming weeks, this page will then be updated.

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