About me

Studying at HETIC (High Studies of Information and Communication Technologies), my degree gives me the opportunity to follow a multi-skills training around today’s continuously evolving world. It involves mastering three distinct domains, web technologies, digital creation and management.

I started freelancing on my free-time, which gave me the convenience to acquire new skills on my own and increased my interest for entrepreneurship. My missions allow me to use and strengthen my skills in design, web development and project management.

My first experience as an intern at TimeFunding (July - September 2017) made me discover the landscape of French start-ups and their state of mind. As Designer & Web integrator, I have been able to work on many projects, take responsibility and maintain my operational versatility.

I am currently looking for a three-months internship beginning in July 2018 in Paris or abroad in Project Management. I'm also interested in Product Management and Marketing. Feel free to contact me at antoine.de-la-fouchardiere@hetic.net or take a look at my resume.